On the Precipice

A Dish Served Cold

A much more successful night for our heroes tonight after the last game’s bloody beating. At their hide out in the collapsed ruins the group met a House Sivis Gnome who gave them a box sent to them with some potions and gave them the news of the day. The middle city was contested between the forces of Breland and the invaders from Aundair, but the Aundairians were having problems as the leaders of their House Cannith allies and the mercenaries from Droaam were both killed in ambushes the previous day. The players also heard that the Aundairian Canniths were assembling something large just outside the city.

They decided to investigate this construction and found at the building site a huge Cannith Goliath, over 100 feet tall, built out of enslaved warforged, with their captured companion Raktuk being used as the central control unit. The Goliath was fully operational but hadn’t had its heavy armor put on yet. The group snuck up and surprised the builders, but a Cannith artificer managed to jump start the goliath with the lives of enslaved guards before fleeing. The noticed all the Cannith fleeing madly once the Goliath started up, but decided to bring it down by freeing their companion. Yensid the sorcerer carrying the gnome assassin used a spell to fly as high as he could but the two of them could not reach up Raktuk and had to climb the rest of the way. Climbing was tough as the Goliath was mobile and attacking the others on the ground and the gnome fell taking a hard fall. Rolen the ranger and Nevikil were both picked up by the goliath, with Rolen taking a fall and Nevikil holding on as the combined arcane and physical assault did enough damage that the Gnome was able to pull Raktuk out of the control unit and disable the Goliath.

The group then returned to the scene of last sessions defeat in the city center, finding the sewers blocked they attacked from the roof tops and quickly took control of the fight, doing solid damage to the defending warriors and the Aundairian Duke in overall command. The Duke fled to the far corner of the market and then revealed his true form, that of an adult green dragon. He quickly flew back and put the party back on the defensive as his acid breath hurt the PCs and then kept right on burning them. Nevikil found himself surrounded by enemies and fell before the attacks, but was brought back up to carry on fighting. Even slowed and burning the party fought back and using every trick in the book, and a few new ones they managed to beat the defenders down leaving only the dragon. Rolen and Yensid kept the dragon making saving throws vs all sorts of effects and nick by nick they damaged the dragon and healed their own wounds. Then Quietus Minimus, the gnome revenant assassin had his moment of glory with a well time critical to drop the beast.

With the dragon down the party searched the papers on the dead Duke’s table and found that the assault on Sharn was only one part of the attack, the other was to use a portal to launch an attack directly at King Boranel, the elderly King of Breland.



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