On the Precipice

August 14th Game

D&D Game Notes:
August 14th

Tonights game started with an investigation of the mystery ‘fair’ that occured last game. The players investigated the house the cultists were last seen in and discovered that there was some sort of portal built into the homes basement. They learned that it was elemental based, but otherwise found out little about it and left a hired kobold to watch the house for signs of activity.

The players next investigated a disturbance at the Karrnath Counselate in the district they are living in which had been closed down under mysterious circumstances. After getting clearence to enter they discovered a dimensional disturbance opening to the far realm. They fought some beings of the far realm and some mind flayer thralls before finding the object they beleived opened the rift. They placed it into a bag of holding, which caused it and the bag to disappear, but closed the rift. Luckily they managed to miss the mind flayer, perhaps that was for the best.

They then started to look into a local Khalashtar who was lost the ability to dream, which is always leads to madness and death if it goes on long enough. The investigation led to suspicious activities of Riedran agents and to a wizard’s tower they plan to investigate next game.



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