On the Precipice


Sept. 11, 2011

The PCs arrived at the main office of Multanious Services to find a goon squad of Ogres out in front after apparently unloading a large crate and two smaller copper tubes into the office. The ogres were wearing rough tunics with an attempt at Multanious Services written on it, but being ogres it didn’t quite work unless you squinted really hard to see what they were trying to write. Lia, the elven rogue tried to ask what they were up to, but the ogres looked at memory globe and said “Dats dem geddum!” and started to attack. The party was down several, including the leaders so the beating the ogres gave Lia and Kelgar, as the melee front line was savage. One ogre seemed to be larger and smarter than the others and he managed to to have both Kelgar and Lia down before the fight was over, but Yen and Rolen were able to finish off the ogre leader before he got into rear ranks.

After a short rest and some healing the party entered the offices to find that the ogres had dropped off a very outraged owlbear and two hungry rust monters. The owlbear did what angry owlbears do and the rust monsters did what rust monsters do and once again the group wished for some healing, but they managed to get the creatures beaten before the watch turned up. A quick search turned up a business card for Nibbs and Co, Mages at Hire, some magical cloth armor, a magic bow string, and an as yet unidentified alchemical potion as well as a hefty payment from the ogres bags.

The group took the spoils up to Morgrave University for the artificer Kasper Nulnkrakengerspitz to identify, but on the way there they saw a copy of Tall Towers Tales with a lead article by Zeeneese Trank about a series of attacks around the city by Multanious Services! They made their way up to the university where Kasper identified the bow string and robes, and listened as the PCs told him about the gates that have been appearing in the low city. He commented that it was trivial to make a gate, but getting them enough power to be useful is a different thing altogether and they might want to find whatever it is that is providing the power to the gates. He also told them that Nibbs and Co are a wizard mercenary group that typically hires on to Xendrik expeditions and that they were located up in the upper towers and that their help not affordable by many.

Moving back to the outer city they found they were being followed, and the that the followers were not the usual Red Cloak tails that they had been used to seeing, but very talented human with a touch of the arcane about them. They managed to lose these tails with a bit of trickery and found a safe house in the collapsed warehouses the kobolds were mining. They also recieved a note from Kynan suggesting they stay low. From there Lia slipped out the talk to Kaleth, a bard friend of hers from house Phairlan. He brought her up on the bigger world picture. Karrnath is facing internal struggles between some of its leading families. Thrane and Aundair have pulled their troops back from their mutual borders, but Thrane has moved some of these troops unto its border with Breland. Breland is moving troops about, but King Boranel is reportedly very sick, and rumors of a power struggle are coming out of Wroat. For the moment Droaam seems quiet, but the monsterous Daughters who rule it are rarely quiet for long. As for the local events of the low city, Kaleth suggested following the money, finding out who would profit from the instability in the arcane and psychic realms that these interdimensional gates were causing.

The players decided to investigate the basement they had seen the Cultists of the Dragon Below disappear into. They found it stocked with crates of weapons, but the gate which had been in the roof had been removed. The decided to investigate the house above the basement and snuck around throught the alleys up towards a back door, as they approached they saw someone watching from the back door, they are not certain, but they think the watcher is a drow elf. They decided to proceed to the back door anyway and that is where we will pick up next game.



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