On the Precipice

Over the Edge

The PCs investigating the drow passed through a portal into Xendrik when they entered the home. They dealt with a drow ambush and discovered evidence that a mage guild in the district was behind the portals. Being adventurers they decided a head on attack was the best plan of action. As they hit the guild tower they discovered a massacre inside, many guild members dead, some killed in ambush and some had been fighting back. They beat some Minotaur guards, then rushed to the top of the tower where they discovered a dark portal and the guild members who had brought it into being. After a tough fight, they cleared the cultists, but discovered that the hadn’t stopped their plot. Looking out of the tower they saw troops from Aundair taking over the lower city. The Five Nations were once again at war. The players decided to try to assault what they suspect the cultists were using to power the portals, a large dragon sculpture in the main market. Perhaps if they could cut off the power the portals would fail and cut off the invader’s beach head.



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