On the Precipice

The Better Part of Valor

A depleted group pressed through the chaos in the street, brushing aside the common Aundair troops they soon found themselves facing a more powerful group. An Artificer from the Aundair Cannith household and his escort of Warforges, a powerful basher and smaller rippers. Aided by a member of another team of Multanious Services investigators, an revenant gnome assassin, the group decided to deal with the patrol. The Artificer, Malus D’Cannith was taken down quickly, his gem crusted armor did him no good. The basher fell next, but as Malus and the basher were beat down the fast rippers kept zipping by and cutting up the players. They beat the rippers, but paid a heavy price in healing and powers to do, but after a quick rest they came across another patrol, a hulking Gnoll officer, two Aundair sergeants and a troll.

Fire is the key to beating a troll, but at first fire was hard to come by and the troll kept healing the damage being put on him. As the group bashed the troll the other guards beat on the players, but things got a bit easier when the Yensid the sorcerer remembered he did indeed have a fire based power and the troll went down for good. The guards however were not push overs and two players were put down briefly before they were beaten.

After the fight the players realized they were in bad shape, they were out of healing options for two of the three of them and the sorcerer was down to 1hp. However they knew they were close the market square and went down in the sewers to see if they could still do some good. They made their way to the market and peeked out of the sewer, what they saw discouraged them. Floating Riedrans, Dragonborn warriors and a wizard. In the center of it all they saw the statue that they believed powered the Aundairian portals. A healthy debate ensued as to what to do, they knew they were over matched, so what to do.

Kelgar the Dragonborn blackguard decided that he was going to take the statue out. A plan was hatched where the undead gnome would check the statue to make sure it was the power source, he insanely stealthy and had a good chance to get to the statue undetected but as he slipped out of the sewer he made a rare mistake and attracted the attention of the Riedrans. The gnome turned insubstantial and fled over the roofs of some nearby building followed by most of the Riedrans. Kelgar decided this was his chance and charged the statue. The sorcerer decided to come halfway out of the sewer and cast spells in support. Between the raging dragonborn blackguard and the socerer the statue started to crack, but the assault of the guards on beat them down. The sorcerer was dropped by a lightning bolt from the wizard, the blackguard stood for couple of rounds in the middle of pack of flashing blades, but he fell as well. The gnome managed to hide from his pursuers and came back to the sewer. He managed to rouse the sorcerer they both fled into the sewers. The statue still stands, the wizard still leads the invasion, the player have been defeated, what does the future hold now for Sharn?



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