On the Precipice

A Dish Served Cold

A much more successful night for our heroes tonight after the last game’s bloody beating. At their hide out in the collapsed ruins the group met a House Sivis Gnome who gave them a box sent to them with some potions and gave them the news of the day. The middle city was contested between the forces of Breland and the invaders from Aundair, but the Aundairians were having problems as the leaders of their House Cannith allies and the mercenaries from Droaam were both killed in ambushes the previous day. The players also heard that the Aundairian Canniths were assembling something large just outside the city.

They decided to investigate this construction and found at the building site a huge Cannith Goliath, over 100 feet tall, built out of enslaved warforged, with their captured companion Raktuk being used as the central control unit. The Goliath was fully operational but hadn’t had its heavy armor put on yet. The group snuck up and surprised the builders, but a Cannith artificer managed to jump start the goliath with the lives of enslaved guards before fleeing. The noticed all the Cannith fleeing madly once the Goliath started up, but decided to bring it down by freeing their companion. Yensid the sorcerer carrying the gnome assassin used a spell to fly as high as he could but the two of them could not reach up Raktuk and had to climb the rest of the way. Climbing was tough as the Goliath was mobile and attacking the others on the ground and the gnome fell taking a hard fall. Rolen the ranger and Nevikil were both picked up by the goliath, with Rolen taking a fall and Nevikil holding on as the combined arcane and physical assault did enough damage that the Gnome was able to pull Raktuk out of the control unit and disable the Goliath.

The group then returned to the scene of last sessions defeat in the city center, finding the sewers blocked they attacked from the roof tops and quickly took control of the fight, doing solid damage to the defending warriors and the Aundairian Duke in overall command. The Duke fled to the far corner of the market and then revealed his true form, that of an adult green dragon. He quickly flew back and put the party back on the defensive as his acid breath hurt the PCs and then kept right on burning them. Nevikil found himself surrounded by enemies and fell before the attacks, but was brought back up to carry on fighting. Even slowed and burning the party fought back and using every trick in the book, and a few new ones they managed to beat the defenders down leaving only the dragon. Rolen and Yensid kept the dragon making saving throws vs all sorts of effects and nick by nick they damaged the dragon and healed their own wounds. Then Quietus Minimus, the gnome revenant assassin had his moment of glory with a well time critical to drop the beast.

With the dragon down the party searched the papers on the dead Duke’s table and found that the assault on Sharn was only one part of the attack, the other was to use a portal to launch an attack directly at King Boranel, the elderly King of Breland.

The Better Part of Valor

A depleted group pressed through the chaos in the street, brushing aside the common Aundair troops they soon found themselves facing a more powerful group. An Artificer from the Aundair Cannith household and his escort of Warforges, a powerful basher and smaller rippers. Aided by a member of another team of Multanious Services investigators, an revenant gnome assassin, the group decided to deal with the patrol. The Artificer, Malus D’Cannith was taken down quickly, his gem crusted armor did him no good. The basher fell next, but as Malus and the basher were beat down the fast rippers kept zipping by and cutting up the players. They beat the rippers, but paid a heavy price in healing and powers to do, but after a quick rest they came across another patrol, a hulking Gnoll officer, two Aundair sergeants and a troll.

Fire is the key to beating a troll, but at first fire was hard to come by and the troll kept healing the damage being put on him. As the group bashed the troll the other guards beat on the players, but things got a bit easier when the Yensid the sorcerer remembered he did indeed have a fire based power and the troll went down for good. The guards however were not push overs and two players were put down briefly before they were beaten.

After the fight the players realized they were in bad shape, they were out of healing options for two of the three of them and the sorcerer was down to 1hp. However they knew they were close the market square and went down in the sewers to see if they could still do some good. They made their way to the market and peeked out of the sewer, what they saw discouraged them. Floating Riedrans, Dragonborn warriors and a wizard. In the center of it all they saw the statue that they believed powered the Aundairian portals. A healthy debate ensued as to what to do, they knew they were over matched, so what to do.

Kelgar the Dragonborn blackguard decided that he was going to take the statue out. A plan was hatched where the undead gnome would check the statue to make sure it was the power source, he insanely stealthy and had a good chance to get to the statue undetected but as he slipped out of the sewer he made a rare mistake and attracted the attention of the Riedrans. The gnome turned insubstantial and fled over the roofs of some nearby building followed by most of the Riedrans. Kelgar decided this was his chance and charged the statue. The sorcerer decided to come halfway out of the sewer and cast spells in support. Between the raging dragonborn blackguard and the socerer the statue started to crack, but the assault of the guards on beat them down. The sorcerer was dropped by a lightning bolt from the wizard, the blackguard stood for couple of rounds in the middle of pack of flashing blades, but he fell as well. The gnome managed to hide from his pursuers and came back to the sewer. He managed to rouse the sorcerer they both fled into the sewers. The statue still stands, the wizard still leads the invasion, the player have been defeated, what does the future hold now for Sharn?

Over the Edge

The PCs investigating the drow passed through a portal into Xendrik when they entered the home. They dealt with a drow ambush and discovered evidence that a mage guild in the district was behind the portals. Being adventurers they decided a head on attack was the best plan of action. As they hit the guild tower they discovered a massacre inside, many guild members dead, some killed in ambush and some had been fighting back. They beat some Minotaur guards, then rushed to the top of the tower where they discovered a dark portal and the guild members who had brought it into being. After a tough fight, they cleared the cultists, but discovered that the hadn’t stopped their plot. Looking out of the tower they saw troops from Aundair taking over the lower city. The Five Nations were once again at war. The players decided to try to assault what they suspect the cultists were using to power the portals, a large dragon sculpture in the main market. Perhaps if they could cut off the power the portals would fail and cut off the invader’s beach head.


Sept. 11, 2011

The PCs arrived at the main office of Multanious Services to find a goon squad of Ogres out in front after apparently unloading a large crate and two smaller copper tubes into the office. The ogres were wearing rough tunics with an attempt at Multanious Services written on it, but being ogres it didn’t quite work unless you squinted really hard to see what they were trying to write. Lia, the elven rogue tried to ask what they were up to, but the ogres looked at memory globe and said “Dats dem geddum!” and started to attack. The party was down several, including the leaders so the beating the ogres gave Lia and Kelgar, as the melee front line was savage. One ogre seemed to be larger and smarter than the others and he managed to to have both Kelgar and Lia down before the fight was over, but Yen and Rolen were able to finish off the ogre leader before he got into rear ranks.

After a short rest and some healing the party entered the offices to find that the ogres had dropped off a very outraged owlbear and two hungry rust monters. The owlbear did what angry owlbears do and the rust monsters did what rust monsters do and once again the group wished for some healing, but they managed to get the creatures beaten before the watch turned up. A quick search turned up a business card for Nibbs and Co, Mages at Hire, some magical cloth armor, a magic bow string, and an as yet unidentified alchemical potion as well as a hefty payment from the ogres bags.

The group took the spoils up to Morgrave University for the artificer Kasper Nulnkrakengerspitz to identify, but on the way there they saw a copy of Tall Towers Tales with a lead article by Zeeneese Trank about a series of attacks around the city by Multanious Services! They made their way up to the university where Kasper identified the bow string and robes, and listened as the PCs told him about the gates that have been appearing in the low city. He commented that it was trivial to make a gate, but getting them enough power to be useful is a different thing altogether and they might want to find whatever it is that is providing the power to the gates. He also told them that Nibbs and Co are a wizard mercenary group that typically hires on to Xendrik expeditions and that they were located up in the upper towers and that their help not affordable by many.

Moving back to the outer city they found they were being followed, and the that the followers were not the usual Red Cloak tails that they had been used to seeing, but very talented human with a touch of the arcane about them. They managed to lose these tails with a bit of trickery and found a safe house in the collapsed warehouses the kobolds were mining. They also recieved a note from Kynan suggesting they stay low. From there Lia slipped out the talk to Kaleth, a bard friend of hers from house Phairlan. He brought her up on the bigger world picture. Karrnath is facing internal struggles between some of its leading families. Thrane and Aundair have pulled their troops back from their mutual borders, but Thrane has moved some of these troops unto its border with Breland. Breland is moving troops about, but King Boranel is reportedly very sick, and rumors of a power struggle are coming out of Wroat. For the moment Droaam seems quiet, but the monsterous Daughters who rule it are rarely quiet for long. As for the local events of the low city, Kaleth suggested following the money, finding out who would profit from the instability in the arcane and psychic realms that these interdimensional gates were causing.

The players decided to investigate the basement they had seen the Cultists of the Dragon Below disappear into. They found it stocked with crates of weapons, but the gate which had been in the roof had been removed. The decided to investigate the house above the basement and snuck around throught the alleys up towards a back door, as they approached they saw someone watching from the back door, they are not certain, but they think the watcher is a drow elf. They decided to proceed to the back door anyway and that is where we will pick up next game.

Into the Tower of Dreams

Today’s games was a pretty straight up assault on a tower held by Riedrans. Three tough fights with a lot of good drama and some interesting heroic bits of players running real risks for their characters. The Riedrans were psionicists of some power but the heroes dropped the master of the tower in a very dramatic fight.

After the fighting the found papers in the tower saying that the master had been able to tap power far beyond what is normally available, making very difficult rituals seem trivial. This combined with other encounters inspired them to check on the main office of Multanious’s Services, which they found closed, something that hasn’t happened before. They then went to the Dark Lanterns with their information, but failed to make a strong case for the Lanterns to take interest.

August 14th Game

D&D Game Notes:
August 14th

Tonights game started with an investigation of the mystery ‘fair’ that occured last game. The players investigated the house the cultists were last seen in and discovered that there was some sort of portal built into the homes basement. They learned that it was elemental based, but otherwise found out little about it and left a hired kobold to watch the house for signs of activity.

The players next investigated a disturbance at the Karrnath Counselate in the district they are living in which had been closed down under mysterious circumstances. After getting clearence to enter they discovered a dimensional disturbance opening to the far realm. They fought some beings of the far realm and some mind flayer thralls before finding the object they beleived opened the rift. They placed it into a bag of holding, which caused it and the bag to disappear, but closed the rift. Luckily they managed to miss the mind flayer, perhaps that was for the best.

They then started to look into a local Khalashtar who was lost the ability to dream, which is always leads to madness and death if it goes on long enough. The investigation led to suspicious activities of Riedran agents and to a wizard’s tower they plan to investigate next game.

First Session May 15 2011
Game Report

The players set up an office for Multanious Services in the Rambles, a chaotic quarter of outer Sharn and set out to find what is causing concern about this hectic part of the city. They listened for rumors and decided to investigate a frozen elf at an inn as their first task. They discovered the inn covered in frost and learned that the cold was spreading and growing larger every day. In a room they found an Eladrin woman, Lady Elsbeth, who had been seemingly turned into a solid block of bluish ice and the frozen forms of several clerics and wizards who had tried to free her in the past.

Apparently any attempt to cast spells, divine or arcane on her had been met with a frozen death. Naturally this led the group to try to contact the ice princess psychically, but this nearly brought about the death of their Kalashtar Psionist who was dragged outside the cold effect just before the ice could kill him as well.

This led the Orc cleric to investigate the room more closely and he discovered a portal under the bed which led into a frozen plain on the feywild. In an unusual burst of caution the party did not just leap in, but instead researched the feywild at Morgrave University where they learned that the cold fey are some of the most difficult to deal with, but that they could be swayed with gifts so they set out to the most expensive wine shop they could find at the top of the spires and bought a rare Xendrick scorpion wine.

They then went back and entered the gateway. Making their way towards some smoke they saw off in a distant snowy wood they were jumped by ice goblins and their guard dogs. The fight was long and hard, the dog’s bite brought ongoing frost burns and the goblins javelins slowed their movement. They cleared the dogs first as the goblins seemed difficult to hit, but after clearing the dogs they learned the goblins grew easier to hit as each goblin was killed and once they had killed a few of them they quickly cleared the goblins as well.

Only the thief was downed by the goblins, but on his only death check he rolled a twenty and got back up. Otherwise there were some terrible rolls, but the players coordinated well and wiped out the first menace the icy feywild threw at them but they are no closer to solving their mystery and the cold seems to be getting worse.

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