On the Precipice

First Session May 15 2011
Game Report

The players set up an office for Multanious Services in the Rambles, a chaotic quarter of outer Sharn and set out to find what is causing concern about this hectic part of the city. They listened for rumors and decided to investigate a frozen elf at an inn as their first task. They discovered the inn covered in frost and learned that the cold was spreading and growing larger every day. In a room they found an Eladrin woman, Lady Elsbeth, who had been seemingly turned into a solid block of bluish ice and the frozen forms of several clerics and wizards who had tried to free her in the past.

Apparently any attempt to cast spells, divine or arcane on her had been met with a frozen death. Naturally this led the group to try to contact the ice princess psychically, but this nearly brought about the death of their Kalashtar Psionist who was dragged outside the cold effect just before the ice could kill him as well.

This led the Orc cleric to investigate the room more closely and he discovered a portal under the bed which led into a frozen plain on the feywild. In an unusual burst of caution the party did not just leap in, but instead researched the feywild at Morgrave University where they learned that the cold fey are some of the most difficult to deal with, but that they could be swayed with gifts so they set out to the most expensive wine shop they could find at the top of the spires and bought a rare Xendrick scorpion wine.

They then went back and entered the gateway. Making their way towards some smoke they saw off in a distant snowy wood they were jumped by ice goblins and their guard dogs. The fight was long and hard, the dog’s bite brought ongoing frost burns and the goblins javelins slowed their movement. They cleared the dogs first as the goblins seemed difficult to hit, but after clearing the dogs they learned the goblins grew easier to hit as each goblin was killed and once they had killed a few of them they quickly cleared the goblins as well.

Only the thief was downed by the goblins, but on his only death check he rolled a twenty and got back up. Otherwise there were some terrible rolls, but the players coordinated well and wiped out the first menace the icy feywild threw at them but they are no closer to solving their mystery and the cold seems to be getting worse.

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