Ebberon On The Precipice 1008

Twelve years have passed since the Day of Mourning started the Great Peace of the Five Kingdoms. An unsteady peace has held among the former Kingdoms of Galifer, at first the immediate horror of the Day of Mourning was enough to keep the nations from returning to war but the nations were also exhausted and the unsteady peace allowed them to start rebuilding. Behind the scenes the great Dragonmarked houses were facing troubles of their own, with many splitting up into feuding factions, with these factions aligning with different kingdoms. This has upset the balance and now nations are rearming, old feuds are reviving and while publicly the rulers of the Five Kingdoms speak of peace, all are preparing for war.

The players are employees of an odd business, Multanious Services. The business isn’t really an inquisitive bureau, though many think it is, it is more of a adventuring company used to perform missions for clients who often have no one else to turn to. Multanious only accepts the best to work on his teams and his agency has worked for and against many of the powers without seeming to favor any of them, yet somehow his little organization seems to escape retaliation. Based out of Sharn many wonder how much longer Multanious will be allowed to operate given the heightening tensions.

On the Precipice

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